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mucha plz
I know, you know, I've been away, I am a bad person, etc. ;A;


I promised to post these Bayonetta gifs like two weeks ago or something and I'm only just now getting to it because I am a bad person. ;A;

Let's dance, boys!Collapse )

- exciting news!: I don't have any. Do have slight college jitters. Assurance plz? ;~;

- about the new DmC game: I'm sure you'll recall me ragefacing over it, and then promptly realizing that I should be praising the heavens that the series was getting a new game at all, blah-blah-blah, ANYWAY. (My faith in it is completely rocksolid now that I've played Enslaved. Am now a devout Ninja Theory fan, to the grave.) 
It is confirmed that DmC will be a prequel to DMC3, as sort of Dante's origin story. Sort of "coming to grips" with his demonic power. Or something. (The whole game I'll still be looking down at him like a benevolent oldster who's already been through the emo haircut phase of her life. And waiting for him to grow up and be hot.)
Interestingly enough, DmC has already been in the works for a while, and Capcom even predicted that fans would go apeshit and flip tables over his new design. (And apparently didn't care. Haters gonna hate.)

- Bioshock: Infinite: is apparently available for preorder. 

- Prototype 2: is everywhere and I'm not even going to bother mentioning it other than this blurb.
I swear.
I still need to finish the first game.
(It's the only game I've ever ragequit. I blame Alex. ALWAYS ALEX.)

- I miss being active here: and I miss you guys. :C

- Also.
10th-Dec-2010 07:49 pm - 7 Days of Food Love - Day 5
mucha plz

I stayed up until five yesterday, so I was pretty much too tired to make salads for anybody but myself. xD

/terrible person
9th-Dec-2010 11:19 pm - 7 Days of Food Love - Day 4
mucha plz

Making these things eats up so much of my timmmme, I'm so sorry I'm so not around you guys. DX
8th-Dec-2010 10:29 pm - 7 Days of Food Love - Day 3
mucha plz

I had over an hour of footage for this, and I think it's probably the shortest I've done so far. o _o;;
7th-Dec-2010 09:42 pm - 7 Days of Food Love - Day 2
mucha plz

(Bayonetta gifs will be forthcoming when I'm not totally abosrbed in playing Nier. > _>;; iluuuu )
7th-Dec-2010 01:49 am - 7 Days of Food Love - Day 1
mucha plz
So you know how I was spamming you with food porn? Well, it got me thinking. Other than lusting over pictures of it, I'm not really that... fond of food? I eat it, I like it, sort of, but I don't go out of my way to try new things, or really appreciate it.

So for the next week, I'm going out of my way to eat my favorite foods, and relearn to love food! :D

Which means I get to eat whatever the hell I want! :D

(Bayonetta gifs will be forthcoming. As soon as it's not almost 2 in the morning. @___@;; )
5th-Dec-2010 10:48 pm - I'm so hungry right now.
lol holmes
Normally, I'm not the kind of girl to post pictures of food porn late at night when people are susceptible to random, overwhelming cravings, but someone (who isn't on LJ so I dunno why I'm italicizing) has been spamming me with delicious pics of food and recipes all night, SO.

oh you KNOW who you are

Excuse me while I lie awake sleepless for a few hours. DX

Also. Remember when this blog actually had content? Me neither. Have a music video.
1st-Dec-2010 05:19 pm - BIG FAT WEBCOMIC POST.
mucha plz
Well, having just finished the NanoMangO (*ego swells outrageously*), I'm very much in the comic making / reading mood, so I thought I'd make this post all about the various webcomics I follow / adore / generally want to be when I grow up.


- Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name should go without saying, but I'll say it again. It's one of the fastest-updating, most-involving things I have ever read. Just... yes. If I could live inside a comic, I would want to live in this one.
Alternatively, if you're lazy and armed with a dA account like me, Tessa's dA updates as well.

- Everything Cassandra Jean has ever done or will ever do: no, seriously. I love her style, her storylines are original and intriguing... not sure if you can exactly call it a webcomics, but it is a comic, and it is on the web, but Land of Lions is my current favorite by her. (Also, check out Black-Eyed Susan while you're there. She can even make me love westerns! ;A; )
For the MangaMagazine links, you do need to create an account to read past a certain number of chapters. It is a drag, but on the bright side, there are a lot of other cool mangas hosted there, plus forums and some other neat stuff. Alternatively, MangaFox does have the first few chapters.

- Hamletmachine's Starfighter: ahoy, matey, here thar be penises! (It is NSWF, and yaoi. Gloriously so.) But, seriously, yaoi aside, one of the best webcomics I've read. The visually storytelling is really pro, and I love the fonts. THE FONTS. But it's not just all yaoi, the fight scenes are done really well, and you can really sense the effort put into it, because it looks great. Overall, very stylish and sexy.

- Manly Guys Doing Manly Things: pretty much speaks for itself. If the title doesn't draw you in, maybe a wallpaper of the illustrious Mr. Fish will.

- the only animal comic I keep up with: Witch Eyes, is less expansive than some of the others. But the art is extremely solid, the plot is well thought-out, and the backstory and universe behind the characters and the setting is huge, and only getting better. I'm not really into / don't know jack about animal comics, but I don't feel like I have to to enjoy this one. C:

- The Meek: is probably another one of those comics that everybody knows about and I shouldn't even bother saying too much about, but I have to. It's gorgeous, the story is great, it's vivid and amazing, and there's virtually everything to love about it.

So, those are a few of my favorites. What about you? Anything to recommend? :D
Well, Brotherhood is here and it's eating my soul. xD I still need to give the multiplayer a shot, but so far the story mode is AMAZING.

However, a friend of mine has also gotten a copy of Brotherhood, and it's kind of raised a bit of an issue I'm having with her about AC:B. We're best friends, I adore her, she's awesome, and we're both playing it right now, so of course we've been talking about it a lot recently.

And I already know, Brotherhood is a fantastic game. Possibly one of, if not the best game I've played so far. The graphics, sound, storyline, gameplay, they're all outstanding. Ubisoft saw what bugged the players in the previous two games and fixed most of annoyances, and somehow managed to improve an already great series. It's hard to get bored, there's a ton of things to do, it's engaging on about fifty zillion levels, and... and my friend still finds things to bitch about.

And I listen to her whine and nitpick about "URGH THESE HORSES UGH THE CAMERA ANGLES BAW BAW BAW" and ignore the storyline and not pay attention to anything, and I'm sitting there thinking: 'Brotherhood is a great game, by pretty much ANYONE's standards, for a ton of different reasons. why do you feel the need to shit on it?'
And it's not just Brotherhood-- she only ever talks about the things a game does wrong, when in a lot of cases they do a lot of things right.

Anyone can make a shitty game, but it takes time, effort, experience, and inspiration to make a really good one. And you can tell that people tried hard with Brotherhood! Ubisoft, honestly, could have put out a really crappy sequel, slapped a multiplayer on it, and gotten a lot of props for it, but they didn't. They took the time and made a good fucking game, and I don't think it should be too hard for someone who considers herself a fan of the series to at least try and recognize that, instead of finding trivial things to bitch about, just because it's easier to complain than it is to compliment.

Okay, sorry, rant over. xD That's just been weighing really heavily on me for a while, and it's something I see with a lot of games, and Brotherhood is already one of my favorites. I don't think I'm usually so impatient with negative views, but I've been hearing a lot of them recently. Bah!
15th-Nov-2010 03:48 pm - ATTENTION DUELISTS
we be pimpin

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